Can you sincerely say, you do have change managment competencies in your HR team?

Every day some projects are being managed by your people. You may even be unaware of that. But very often their scope or impact requires your engagement and perfect change management. Yet this consumes your time, at the cost of important elements of HR strategy.

If so, what you need is time for your people to implement the change with them.

No matter if it is a bonus scheme change, HR Information System roll-out or HR process optimizations, such projects require discipline and experience. Our role is not only to deliver the expert power, but foremost to implement the change in time, in budget and in clearly defined scope.

If not, we are here to help you with realizing Your goals in a possibly efficient way.


Percentage of medium and large enterprises utilizing variable pay systems

Source: MAP Insights 2021

Are you aware of the fact that 90% of Polish comapnies utilize variable pay schemes, even though the words 'bonus' or 'commision' do not appear in Polish Labour Code*?

As Compensation and Benefits (Comp&Ben) we understand:

  • Remuneration packet audits
    A thorough analysis of remuneration schemes (job matrix and salary grades, bonus schemes and incentive plans, employee contests and awards, perquisites and Social Fund benefits) including documentation analysis as well as employees/managers interviews. The audit scope can be a whole organization or the selected employees' groups (e.g. sales, manufacturing, administration etc.) The client receives a summary report including all/selected elements 'as is' analysis and 'to be' changes recommendations.
  • Sales bonus and sales incentive plans implementation
    Along with client team, sales incentive plan pre-work and implementation, including given sector salesforce specifics and best practice. Can be a part of a total remuneration audit or an existing system upgrade and modification. The client receives KPIs recommendation, scheme implementation cost simulation (at sales results provided), bonus/incentive scheme regulation and roll-out communication pack. Free system efficiency review + harmonization after several payout periods.
  • Manufacturing KPIs bounding with bonus schemes for operations teams
    Along with client team, operations bonus pre-work and implementation, including manufacturing sector specifics and best practice. Can be a part of a total remuneration audit or an existing system upgrade and modification. The client receives KPIs recommendation, scheme implementation cost simulation (at production results provided), bonus/incentive scheme regulation and roll-out communication pack. Free system efficiency review + harmonization after several payout periods.
  • Salary increase and/or bonus granting in Performance appraisal process
    Designing and implementation of bonus scheme and/or salary increase matrix in relation to client's performance appraisal system. Additionally, the company-based training for managerial team in the subject of compensation principles and staff salary/bonus decision making as well as transparent communication on the matter.
  • Job descriptions and Job matrix
    Job describing at the stage of new job creation, descriptions update and/or job unification. Can be bound with current org chart efficiency analysis and job matrix review. A basic HR process underlying further job mapping/evaluation and recruitment processes. The client receives Job Descriptions e-Book (mono or bilingual version).
  • Salary bands
    Remuneration benchmark including salary report selection, market data analysis and benchmark report. Pay policy workshop and salary bands recommendation based on long-term company strategy. The client receives pay policy summary and salary grades table for selected positions and/or job families and/or locations.
  • Job evaluation
    Job evaluation carried out with the client-agreed method (from simple ranging to advanced analytical methodologies). The project includes Evaluation committee selection, committee works leading and the HR team preparation to evaluation process business as usual continuity. The client receives Job Grades Matrix (linking each position to a grade) and evaluation committee protocol including al evaluation detail and comments.
  • Perquisites (benefits) analysis and vendors selection support
    Perks efficiency analysis including costs and satisfaction summary. Employees expectation survey as an option. The client receives the summary report including recommendations concerning benefit types, tax optimization and vendor offers. Vendor selection support and formal administration set-up available.
  • Payment Regulations and other Comp&Ben rules verification
    Internal regulations analysis and update in reference to organizational changes - implemented or planned. The client receives regulations drafts agreed with lawyer's office or internal law department. All documents are verified so as to be compliant with current Labor Code requirements.
  • Trade Unions negotiations support
    Mediation and agreement facilitation during Trade Unions and/or Work council negotiations. The support includes new work or pay conditions implementation, organizations changes (including lay-offs), internal regulations agreements (e.g.. collective agreements) and other conflict or disagreement situations. The added value of an external consultant is his/her objectivity, experience and problem-focus approach that leads to shortening bargain reaching time.
  • Salary reports
    Upon agreement with a group of Clients: collecting compensation data, alignment based on specific methodology (jab mapping) and results presentation in the form of Salary report. Depending on data scope the report allows the analysis of Base salary and/or Variable pay across job categories, functions (front/back office), locations or departments (eg. Production, Sales, Administration). Additional HR Rates or Indicators benchmark available (eg. Expected Salary Increase Rate or Staffing Change Rate). All Clients' data are anonymized and presented as statistical means and medians.
  • Competency models
    Along with Client's management team a competency set work out for BC, WC and/or managerial positions. Expected levels callibration and competency appraisal process set up and implementation. As a result, the presentation of individual base salary level (or increase) recommendation report vs employment group or vs company Salary bands. The Client receives competency matrix for each position, calculation model and analysis results for all employees as well as Competency appraisal procedure and SLA.

* The Act of 26 June 1974 – Labour Code (Journal of Laws of 1998, No 21, item 94, as amended) - status as of 01/01/2022


Amount of Staff processed by 1 HR Employee as a result of optimization

Source: Case study - BPO Sector Customer

Do you know that by optimization of the Payroll process you may improve your team's performance by 30 %? Without outsourcing as a solution?

As HR Process streamline we understand:

  • HR processes audits
    A thorough audit concerning analysis, review and efficiency evaluation of all or selected HR processes across the whole organization. The client receives audit report including functional and time engagement of HR resources and operational risks as well as mitigation recommendations.
  • Process MAPping and SLA standards
    Along with the team, HR processes shaping out and/or updating. Includes process mapping with time calculation, process streamlining and other departments or employees co-operation SLA. The client receives an HR Process Book plus a process matrix including all functions, tasks and deadlines for the processes mapped.
  • HR Structure tuning and roles clarification
    Along with the Board or company owners, HR Department organizational structure setup and functional roles clarification. A solution suitable for mergers and acquisition or split cases as well as internal or external audits recommendations (e.g. Labor Inspectorate). The client receives an organizational chart proposal plus standard HR job descriptions and FTE recommendation for each role.
  • HRIS roll-out support
    A support of the IT vendor selection or change process for every HRIS area (payroll, administration, recruitment, trainings and development, performance appraisal, organization management etc.). Including preparatory analysis, functionality mapping, vendor recommendation, client representation and change management. The added value for the client is to have onboard the external Project Manager whose experience allows shortening the implementation process, assures its quality and budget compliance and last but not least decreases workload for the HR team members.
  • Payroll and HR Operations automation
    Along with the HR team leaning and automating the most time consuming and repeatable processes. The client receives an application (Excel based) or 3rd party application recommendation plus its purchasing and implementation support.
  • HR Workflows optimization
    HR Documents workflow analysis plus streamlining recommendations. Along with HR team designing the most effective workflows, documents templates and automation tools. In and outsourcing analysis as an option. The client receives a process map plus e-documents templates and workflow and archiving tool recommendation.
  • Labor Code and Labor Taxation advisory
    Internal HR solutions analysis in reference to Labor Code, Social Insurance and/or Labor Tax compliance. Operational risks analysis and solutions recommendations based on market best practices. The client receives 'as is' report and improvement plan agreed with lawyer's office or internal law department.