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Which of your employees gets the salary increase most frequently?

It may seem, it is fair enough to plan the salary increase process well to answer to these questions. Yet should more attention be paid on total remuneration pack (including not only base salary but also bonuses and perquisites), so as to make it satisfactory for the Employee?

The most effective one?

In our opinion both things are vital, and even some more. On one side, the flow and a process map should assure its simplicity and transparence. On the other, motivation system should be beneficial for the Employee and the Employer as well. But none of the system is to substitute a manager who recognizes the Employee on a daily basis - not only when he is asking for a salary increase...

Or the one who asks most frequently?

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source: Eurostat

Over the last six years, Polish labor costs have grown a bit faster than employees efficiency rate. Long term, this process threatens corporate profitability and requires leaders’ attention and appropriate management.

MAP is a consulting company whose domain is to support HR Leaders and their internal customers in effective human resources management - particularly compensation and benefits systems and HR processes streamlining.

By project management method we help the business to control those two elements and make sure the efficiency grows faster than the labor costs... not the opposite.